JC-GROUP’s equipment leads the industry in up-time reliability,
energy efficiency and soft handling features to deliver superior part quality.​

Melting Furnace

There are various types of furnaces for melting aluminum alloys, and commonly used aluminum smelting furnaces include heavy oil type furnaces, diesel type furnaces, natural gas type furnaces, etc.

Casting Equipment

The combustion system consists of two heat storage tanks, and increases the system’s self-cleaning capacity, reduces heat storage volume dust and compaction, and extends the heat…

Aluminum Dross Treatment

Rotary furnace for heat treatment furnace in professional slag rake, stirring by rotating the rotary furnace the combustion of aluminum ash resulting in high temperature(occasionally…

Environmental Protection Dust Collector

Dust containing gas from the branch pipe into the pipeline into the cydone dust collector, filter out a part of the coarse partidles and then into the bag filter entrance, from Precipitator inlet into the hopper due to the gravity of the dust…

Scrap Metal Sorting System

This equipment is designed for Zorba sorting Comparing to the old land sorting and table sorting,it greatly improve the working environment,fficiency and reduce the labor intensity With the continuous…

Other Relevant Equipments

It is suitable for ladle for transportation of molten aluminum between the dissolution plant and other foundry plants. The lining material of the transfer bag is a non-stick aluminum light-weight castable…

Other Relevant Equipments

CMS is an industrial interconnection PaaS platform that provides customers with overall olutions for intelligent equipment systems and assists in the digital transformation and upgrading of users in the non-ferrous metal industry.

Customer Feedback

A feedback from BYD, the products are safer and more reliable . the regenerative combustion system is high heating efficiency and reduce flue gas emissions,improving the melting efficency and reduce the burning loss .

A feedback from SHUNBO, the aluminum ingot casting machine , it is high degree of automatic and low labor intensity , and a long service life .

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