“Guangdong JC equipment” attended the 2023 international aluminum industrial exhibition of China which opened a new generation of aluminum melting and informational technology.

5-7th, July, 2023 international aluminum industrial exhibition which held at Shanghai new international Expo center for three days was successful. Many high quality domestic and foreign firms attended this exhibition ,all of them are showed the innovative technologies , amazing equipments and products completely .We wish aluminum industrial chain could develop better and better.

Guangdong Juchen Equipment Technology Co., LTD. is located in Nanhai district, Foshan City. We are specializing in the aluminum processing industry Design, manufacture, installation and transformation.

The company’s main products are: aluminum smelting reverberatory furnace, high-efficiency energy-saving regenerative combustion system, preheating kiln, dross cooling and screening machines, rotary furnace, aluminum ingot casting machine, aluminum billet casting machine , stacking robot, aluminium rob casting machine ,flux injection machine, aluminum Liquid transfer bag, zorba screening and sorting equipment, environmental protection dust collection system , etc. JC has been currently working for 10 year above in aluminum industry . We invited all customers and industry insiders to interact the”new generation of composite intelligent combustion system”which we brought to attend the international aluminum industrial exhibition.

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